Dazirate - ER
Mdfast Plus
We Work hard to ‘Walk the Talk’. We undertake many additional activities related to social Health Care. These activities cover a number of areas such as :

Improving accessibility to medicine, where it is not easily in reach.

Research and development program for the new medicine in order to protect public from the diseases.

Investing in health related education and prevention programme in order to establish global safety.

Conducting free screening camps in order to aware patients from diseases and bringing the suffering patients to the doctor for further goodness.

We engage ourselves to gather more and more information about the emerging new diseases and increasing resistance possibilities to it by our products. Our company expand its efforts to make sure that medicine are in easy reach of the patients in order to help towards global health care, to save and improve the lives of millions of people.

Our primary and major role is to deliver new, innovative, medicine in order to improve healthy and better living society.