Chairman's Message

To start our journey towards full customer satisfaction and our success, The five important weapons we with us are :

  • 1) Our joint efforts towards TARGET
  • 2) Prepare our self to SUCCESS not for a trial.
  • 3) Be clear with your responsibility and duty.
  • 4) Use technology but human friendly.
  • 5) Strategy should be clear to each UBL member.

We DREAM, THINK, DISCUSS, PREPARE AND WORK for human well being. We are ready to change with time and create history along the way. For us doctors are not target to satisfy our business need but they are our source to satisfy customer need. Our Mission is to make available Right Product, in Right Place, at Right Time, at right Price. Our whole business is seen from the point of view of the final result that is customer point of view. We believe that profitable sales and satisfactory return on investment can be achieved by identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer need and desires.

Today existence of human being become hard due to various diseases, we are finding our ways to help you for the same by our medicines. We the member of UBL made our mind set to give new and beneficial to patient’s .We are working hard to make our products available where it is needed by any means. We do not believe in desire but we believe in demand. We are giving our best and hoping the return to be better then best.

Mr. Yogendra Sharma